Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Morning Blessing - Susie Larson

Morning Blessing: May you become an expert at caring for your soul. May you know when to tuck yourself under the shadow of God's wing and when to run to the battle line, knowing He'll fight for you. May you know when to rest and know when to work. May you refuse worry and embrace faith. May you become tenacious when it comes to the promises of God and tender when you think about His love for you. May you guard against toxic thoughts, attitudes, and mindsets that only weaken you. May you instead, fill your thoughts with all that's lovely, praiseworthy, and true. In the days ahead, may your intimate walk with Jesus inform your decisions, fuel your prayers, and magnify your love. May Jesus fill you up to overflowing from one moment to the next. Have a wise and winsome day today!

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